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Maximum Quality in Services of Climatization
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Projects for :Conditioning Air Systems (Houses, Offices, Industries, Shoppings Centers, Hospitals, etc.); Projects for Ventilation and Exhaustion. Pressurization of Stairs
Review, support and technical certifications Projects, etc.
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Frozen Water power stations. Chillers and Fan& Coils. Conditioned air types: Power station, Splits and others. ans and Extractors; Ducts for Conditioned air and Refrigeration; Ducts for Ventilation and Mechanical Extraction.
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Conditioned Air Central Splits and others. Chiller and Fan&Coil (Frozen Water Systems) Electrical panels. Cooling towers of Water.
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Conditioned air Central, Split and others.
Air curtains. Chiller, Fan & Coil, Extractors, Fans,
Refrigerator Cambers, Spare parts.
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